About Smedes Lindner | Tyler Redhead McAlister


An interior designer has an eye for quality, especially in a home. So, it was natural for Smedes Ayers Lindner to transition from her interior design training into real estate.

“As an interior designer, I enjoyed helping people live well in their homes,” Smedes says. “I wanted the opportunity to help find a home that fits them from the beginning.”

“A home should be a place where you belong and feel enriched. I looked at design as problem solving,” she explains. “Once you figure out how to solve the problem then you make it aesthetically pleasing.”

“The other part of making a house a home in is knowledge of details and the ability to shepherd a client through the process. I understand the fun part is finding a great space but the reality of making it happen is in the details,” she says.

A native of Sedgefield, Smedes has an attachment to Guilford County that spans generations. She grew up in the house her grandparents built, and still own to this day. Her father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all worked in textiles, including for the company her great-grandfather founded, Adams Millis in High Point.

Following her high school graduation from Westchester Academy, she attended Duke University and later worked in New York. She returned to Greensboro in 2004 and now she lives in High Point with her husband Doug Lindner.

“The Triad is home, and it’s where I wanted my children to know as their home,” Smedes says. “I have such fond memories of this community and do my part to stay involved and help where I can.”

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